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Industrial Certificates

 CJSC "ISEL" has started own production of rugged embedded computer "INDUSTRIAL" in the beginning of 2014. Production line was inspected and verified by Belarussian Commerce and Industry Chamber (please see attachment below).

Сертификат собственного производства промышленные компьютеры производства Республика Беларусь

     Our product successfully passed EMC tests under terms of Customs Union Tecnical Regulations #020/2011 "Electromagnetic Compatibility" and Declaration of Conformity (EAC) was issued. Currently we are passing CE certification procedure.

Соответствие ТР ТС 020/2011 промышленный компьютер собственного производства INDUSTRIAL

    All tests were passed in accredited laboratory according to following regulations:

Стандарт Область испытаний
STB IEC 61000-3-2:2005 EMC: Limits of harmoic current emissions
STB IEC 61000-4-5:2006 EMC: Surge immunity
GOST 30805.22-2013 Industial interference
GOST 30804.4.2-2013 EMC: Immunity to electrostatic discharges
GOST Р 51318.24-99 EMC: Immunity to electromagnetic fields


     Each poduct is equipped with product certificate, CD with drivers and manuals, all necessarry terminals and is charged with 2-years warranty.


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All information listed above is for information purpose only. In case of any questions, please contact manufacturer.





Компьютеры INDUSTRIAL:

+375 (29) 371-82-41

+375 (17) 270-77-80



Диллерская продукция:

+375 (17) 277-07-80

+375 (17) 227-05-90




220116, г. Минск, пр. Дзержинского, д. 69, корп. 2, помещение 59, каб. 1, бизнес-центр «ШИК»

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