The latest series of heat pump NeoRé TG excels in new design, better parametres, lower noise and ecological refrigerant R32.

The NeoRé TG heat pump is able to control heating or cooling of family house, heat up domestic hot water and control two heating circuits together. There is a possibility of secondary source connection.

Obviously the heat pump is equipped by backup electric heater 6 kW, web server and graphic touch screen.


You can control your home from a phone. Doesn't matter if from business trip or from the comfort of your coach.


Heats during winter, chills during summer. Come to visit us.


With Neota Route service, you can access your pump remotely whenever you need it.


New indoor unit design for NeoRé TG heat pumps


The NeoRé series is designed for heating, cooling and domestic hot water heating in family houses. For commercial buildings should be NeoRé EX chosen.


All NeoRé TG heat pumps operate with R32 refrigerant.

Inverter NeoRé TG heat pumps belong to air-to-water heat pump category that means they use thermal energy from the air and transfer it to the heating water in heating system. The heating system ideally consists of underfloor or ceiling heating with which is the efficiency of heating system on the top level. You can combine it also with radiators but there is the efficiency lower because of high temperature decay.

The NeoRé TG heat pump consists of a quality Czech indoor unit and Japanese outdoor unit. It is a fully equipped heat pump which contains all neccessary components for heating function including DHW and secondary source (for example pool) heating SW in the base. These heat pumps could be installed to the new family houses as well as built houses where we are able to reduce the temperature decay of the heating system for better functionality.

The undisputed advantage of the NeoRé TG heat pump is the passive cooling function. It can be used mainly in summer months in combination of ceiling cooling system.

You can use smart remote control and check your heat pump remotly through the web server by mobile, tablet or PC.

Some of the NeoRé TG heat pumps received European Quality Label.

Standard equipment
  • comprehensive regulation by Foxtrot
  • integrated electric heater 3 x 2 kW
  • circulator with controlled speed and lower
    noise up to 6 dB
  • 8 l expansion tank for heating circuit
  • 2,5 bar heating circuit safety valve
  • sensor for pressure monitoring
  • 3-way valve for DHW heating
  • calorimeter
  • DHW circulation electric output
  • floor drying program
  • pool and secondary source service
  • equithermal regulation
  • graphic touch screen
  • build-in web server for remote control
  • cloud access


Optional equipment
  • indoor temperature sensor
  • 3-way mixing valve
  • 3-way pool valve
  • outdoor unit console
  • Neota Route service connection
  • noise lowering module for some models